funk it up?


long time poster, long time reader. question and i'll hang up and listen:

if you're going to go through the trouble of having a 'judge's panel' set up for the danielson/page rematch, why waste the judges? good artists borrow; great artists' steal – if tony k. has any superduperstars in the reserve waiting to debut, would this not have been a perfect time to steak the funk/flair storyline, bring in a 'former wwe star' or someone like jay white, and have them do the 89 bash postmatch 'i want a match, just kidding, BLAMMO'? 

it seemed odd the judging thing had zero impact or involvement with the match, and it would be a great way to siphon some heat from danielson onto the new guy.

It was just a misdirect to build up the idea of another draw.  Apparently Adam Cole is the next guy and I don’t think we’d want him judging.