Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 11th January 2022

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

So The Dolphins fired their head coach yesterday

No, I don’t get it either

Here’s hoping Everton soon follow suite though eh! (Do one Jim White)

Scheduled today on the Blog: Thomas has Raw for us, as well as the second night of Wrestle Kingdom. Scott has some TNT for us later on. Dave has more UWA from the 70’s

Cultaholic has news today, so here it is

Damian Priest to be in the Rumble

I’d be more excited if Damien Haas was going to be involved to be honest

WWE looking to bring in “Forbidden Door” talent for the Rumble

Cool as this could be, any company that works with WWE needs to be super weary. That company doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to working with others

ROH apparently have a show in April. WOL gives the deets

Have a gooden everyone!