Q for the B

Can we discuss Jade for a bit? Has there ever been a worse wrestler pushed as a strong talented champ like this? Two years in and she's still so green she can't get her foot up for a big boot, or keep her shoulders down for a pin. Nevermind actually sell anything (and yes, she's a monster and monsters don't sell). Honky Tonk Man wasn't great (in WWF), but he was a chickenshit heel, he wasn't supposed to be good. Was the belt in her contact or something?

Personally. I don't want to watch her do anything. She can't even get cut a decent promo. 

Hey, hey, back up the bus.  Honky Tonk was AWESOME.  He was a legitimately great worker who was playing a terrible wrestler, which is a tough trick to pull off.  

Also apparently Jade is a big draw.