ECW On Sci Fi – August 7, 2007

ECW on Sci Fi
Date: August 7, 2007
Location: Chevrolet Center, Youngstown, Ohio
Attendance: 3,700
Commentators: Joey Styles, Tazz

It’s the show with the match that sets up the match on the show, as CM Punk will be facing John Morrison in a 15 Minutes of Fame match. Should Punk win, he gets to challenge Morrison again for the ECW World Title at Summerslam. Other than that, we have…well not much here, other than Extreme Expose having a thing for the Miz. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of CM Punk winning a triple threat last week to earn the 15 Minutes of Fame tonight.

Opening sequence.

Boogeyman vs. Jesse Guilmette

Boogeyman has a large wig on, which he removes to show the new face paint from last week and a mouth full of worms (as you do). A bunch of clotheslines set up a slam and a rather lengthy top rope splash.

Post match, Guilmette gets wormed. Cue Matt Striker to literally shake a stick at Boogeyman until Big Daddy V jumps him from behind. The big beatdown is on, including a Samoan drop and a bunch of elbows. The worms are still all on the mat, which had to be embarrassing for Guilmette. So embarrassing that he changed his name to Pepper Parks and ultimately the Blade in AEW.

Elijah Burke vs. Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer kicks at the leg to start and clotheslines Burke outside. For some reason Dreamer goes to pick him up from the apron and gets snapmared to the floor in a big crash. Back in and Burke hits the running slingshot elbow but Dreamer suplexes his way out of a chinlock. The Texas Cloverleaf is countered and Burke goes to the top, where Dreamer tries a superplex. That’s countered with a neck snap across the top, setting up the Elijah Express for the fast pin.

John Morrison dubs himself the Shaman of Sexy and the Guru of Greatness and doesn’t think much of CM Punk. They don’t serve diet soda in the Palace of Wisdom and after tonight, no one will remember Punk’s name.

HHH is back at Summerslam.

Miz vs. Balls Mahoney

Miz has Extreme Expose with him. Mahoney grabs a headlock to start and shoulders him down. Back up and Miz manages to knock Mahoney outside, where Kelly Kelly looks worried. Mahoney is sent back inside where he avoids a neckbreaker but walks into the Reality Check to give Miz the win.

Post match, Kelly Kelly continues to look worried about Mahoney.

CM Punk promises John Morrison will never forget his name.

Raw Rebound.

Stevie Richards is ready to talk about his wins over Kevin Thorn, but Thorn jumps him from behind and leaves him laying.

John Morrison vs. CM Punk

Non-title but it’s a 15 Minutes of Fame match, so if Punk wins/survives, he gets the ECW World Title shot at Summerslam. Feeling out process to start as Morrison takes him into the corner to start, only to be taken down by the arm. That’s reversed into Morrison’s armbar, which turns into a fight over a top wristlock. Morrison takes him down with a snapmare and points at the clock (now at about 11:00 to go) but Punk fights up and hits a dropkick.

A hard clothesline gives Punk two and a big running version sends Morrison outside. That means a slingshot dive to the floor but Morrison pops up (a bit too fast) to kick Punk off the apron. Punk is fine enough to suplex Morrison over the top and we take a break. Back with about 4:00 to go as Morrison gets two off a leg lariat.

The middle rope moonsault misses though and Punk kicks away, setting up the springboard clothesline for two. We’re down to two minutes as Punk rolls him up for two. Morrison is back with a backbreaker into a neckbreaker for two of his own but Punk gets a rollup for another two with a minute left. The GTS is broken up and Morrison hits an enziguri for a double knockdown. Not that it matters as Punk is back up with the GTS for the pin with five seconds left.

Rating: C+. The ending wasn’t quite in doubt and they didn’t make that much better by screwing up some of the drama near the end. Since a draw was the same as a win for Punk, the ending wasn’t really in doubt with about thirty seconds left. I do like Punk getting the pin though, as he needed to show he could beat Morrison after back to back losses.

Overall Rating: C. The main event is the only thing worth seeing but it was nice to see them advancing some other stories. The biggest flaw around here has been the World Title getting almost all of the focus so maybe they are starting to learn a bit. Not a great show, but it flew by and the main event set up ECW’s contribution for Summerslam, which needed to be done.



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