Sunday Night Reset: January 9, 2022

Normally, I’d use this space to go over the week upcoming in the Blog.  But everything is secondary to the fact we may have the single most hilarious development in NFL history.

Tonight’s game of the week is Chargers/Raiders.  If the Chargers win, they’re in the playoffs and the Raiders are out.  If the Raiders win, they’re in the playoffs and the Chargers are out.  BUT — if they tie, both teams are in and the Steelers are out.  Now, let me ask you: in a game in Las Vegas, involving the Raiders, are you hoping as much as I am that the teams have the gall to play a Gijon?  (Note to Americans: ask the Brits on this board why I say a Gijon.)

The Sickos Committee is in full red alert.  Enjoy the night.