Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 9th January 2022

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Battle of the Belts got a bit silly with some of the stuff going on in the matches, but I enjoyed it for the most part even though it didn’t really feel like a big must-see show or anything. I’ll be interested to see what it does from a ratings perspective. I think so long as the DEMO’s are good then the Network should be happy enough, but I’m not really sure we “needed” the show or anything.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott and Thomas have reviewed Battle of the Belts. Dave Newman has reviewed Lou Thesz’s promotion from the 70’s. Maffew has reviewed UWF Fury Hour. Still time to read my review of WWF Royal Rumble 1998. Thomas has reviewed some WWE from 2007, as well as IMPACT.

Now some news from Cultaholic

IMPACT Hard to Kill results

Sounds like an interesting angle took place

AEW Battle of the Belts results

Felt more like a setup for Dynamite than its own thing most of the way through in my opinion

Today’s match is Big Daddy Vs Anaconda

Almost a marathon by Daddy’s standards

Have a gooden everyone!