Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 8th January 2022

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Writing this Friday night because I’m up early Saturday morning and might not get a chance to do it then. Please take time to vote in The Doomies if you haven’t already. You can find the thread in Logan Scisco’s archives.

Dave Meltzer seemingly got confused in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter and wrote that Katsuyori Shibata had his brain taken out of his head and then put back in when he had his life saving surgery back in 2017. It sounds like Dave mistook what the procedure actually entailed and we don’t yet live in a world where medical science has evolved to the point that we can take someone’s brain out of their head and then put it back in.

Is it wrong that I’m almost disappointed that Dave was wrong? Because what he described sounded all kinds of cool.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott and Thomas should have the Rampage reviews covered. I’ve got a review of Royal Rumble 98 coming later today.

News from Cultaholic

Matt Striker gone from IMPACT

I still thought the commentator was Josh Matthews and didn’t even know Striker was working there.

WALTER will be leaving NXTUK and going to NXT 2.0

I’d honestly just move him straight to the main roster, as they need top guys and he could get over in that role if they booked him correctly.

Today’s match is Tenryu Vs Jumbo from 1989

Have a gooden everyone!