Hey Scott,

Soooooo what happens to Hunter now?

He’s 52 and never getting cleared to wrestle ever again, so no big dramatic plodding wrestlemania send-off.

NXT and everything to do with him has been erased from existence.

And there’s no way he’s getting the Vince spot from Nick Khan.

Does he fade gracefully into the background doing ambassador stuff? Does he become the new Sheriff of Monday Night Raw? Does he break into the Stamford wearhouse and steal the skull king crap so he can cosplay around the house?

What say you?

Me—I feel like one of the neighbors from What About Bob, cheering when the house burned down

I think he'll just kind of be Uncle Paul, doing charity stuff and talking about they're building the next generation of stars every time they have one of those camps.  Kind of like Henry Hill at the end of Goodfellas, used to ordering spaghetti with marinara sauce and getting egg noodles with ketchup, an average nobody, getting to live the rest of his life in witness protection like a schmuck.