Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 7th January 2022

Happy Friday Everyone!

Danielson Vs Hangman II was all kinds of fun, with Hangman continuing to be THE MAN right now. Hopefully he gets a nice long reign with that belt, because I am HERE for it!

It sounds like Fenix didn’t break his arm but just dislocated it really badly. I’m no scientician, but that sounds like it’s not as bad as a break? (Feel free to correct me in the comments). Hopefully it isn’t as bad and he makes a full and speedy recovery. I love me some AEW but it does feel a bit like they overdo wacky spots like that sometimes, and you’re always going to tempt fate the more of those spots that you do.

Hasn’t TK ever played EWR/TEW? More dangerous match types = more chance of injury.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Logan has posted the Doomies thread. Cheques will be in the post for anyone nice enough to vote for me. Thomas has posted Night One of Wrestle Kingdom. Scott has got some Mid-South for us later. J.W. has another classic wrestling mag flashback. Logan has got some more WWF from 1990

News from Cultaholic

Samoa Joe released

This one is just bizarre to me. He had so much to offer that company, even if it’s just giving the newbies in NXT 2.0 some coaching about what to do on the main roster. Really weird.

Sgt. Buddy Lee talks about Batista

“Yeah, I totally ran him off, but it was for his own good because I knew the WWF would use him better. I was just helping him out!”

Sure, Buddy, whatever you say.

Shinya Hashimoto takes on The Barbarian in New Japan from August 1992. This one should be snug to say the least

Have a gooden everyone!