Jade Cargill

While it was inevitable that the TBS Championship was going to Jade Cargill, my main question is… Why?

She is greener than goose s--- and not drawing any sort of crowd reaction during any of her matches.  Now that she’s the champion, I can’t think of a single wrestler challenging her that would elicit a “Can’t wait to see that match” response.

There’s a lot of women on the roster who seem to be busting their asses to get better while Jade’s matches still look like she’s on the second week of Tough Enough.  No matter how great she looks standing still, is this title reign going to actually wind up going anywhere?

I just don’t get Jade but a lot of people are really into the look with her.  Really the issue is that she should be doing Wardlow squashes and not 12 minute back and forth matches.  And Ruby wasn’t the person to get a great match out of her.   Keep it short and to the point with her!