Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 5th January 2022

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Breezed through the first night of Wrestle Kingdom last night. Shibata match was great, Tag Title match was fun and the Main Event between Shingo and Okada was an expertly worked World Title match between two of the best guys in the game right now. The big matches delivered for me but the overall card felt pretty weak for a Dome Show, which is going to happen when you’re running two nights with a depleted roster. I’ll hopefully get to see some of Night Two tonight.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott and Thomas both have NXT 2.0 covered. Thomas has reviewed ECW from 2007. I’ve got ROH Main Event Spectacles later on, the last ROH show I’ll be doing for a while (hopefully you’ll enjoy what I have next on the docket because I’ve already written some of it!). J has got more Dream Matches for us. Logan has some more WWF from 1990 (Although he’s getting near to the end of the year now)

Now some news from Cultaholic

Bianca Belair WWE’s Most Improved of 2021 according to Booker T

Shame she got treated like a chump at SummerSlam and they never really gave her a chance to get back to where she was in the feud with Becky

The New Day open to being Heels again

Well they’d probably get booked better if they were Heels at least, seeing as strong Heels seems to be all WWE can competently book these days

Wrestling Observer Live talks about Wrestle Kingdom (SPOILERS included obviously)

Have a gooden everyone!