Tuesday Night Pandemonium – 4th January 2022

Good evening, wrestling fans, and welcome to another Night Thread here at Scott Keith’s Blog of Doom.  SRO signs went out weeks ago for this unbelievable extravaganza!

On this day back in 1999, Mankind did indeed put keisters in the seats, as he defeated ‘Corporate Champion’ The Rock for the coveted World Wrestling Federation Title on an historic and memorable edition of Raw is War.  Boy, did the sold-out capacity crowd at the Worcester Spectrum literally blow the roof off the arena when ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin made his presence felt at the conclusion of this classic encounter.

And let’s not forget that WrestleKingdom, the premier annual pay-per-view in the Land of the Rising Sun, took place today at the Tokyo Dome, where they were literally hanging from the rafters.  Conspicuous by his absence for that tremendous happening, ‘The Devious One’, Mr. Fuji.

Talk about that and a whole lot more, fans, as we’re with you all throughout the night.