So thoughts on that Tony tweet on New Years Eve? I don't think this drama is going away any time soon and is prob the biggest PR nightmare they've ever had to deal with so far. Alot of free agents who aren't white are probably watching how this handle this as well. Worst part is there is no one to blame but Tony, and now you have multiple wrestlers caught in the middle. The honeymoon is over and with alot of the 3 year contracts starting to come up I assume more people will have comments to add. 

But credit to Sammy for trying to take the heat off his boss and confirming what everyone knew this whole time about him and Tay. Another situation caused by the person with the most to lose. If you are gonna put your private life out there and propose to your gf at a Dynamite show then maybe don't make it obviously on your vlog that you most likely aren't that committed to it. And why would they come out about it right now as everything died down? They just spent days saying can't a pretty girl just be friends with guys and telling everyone it wasn't their business, until they posted the picture for Instagram likes. 

Tony’s not wrong.  Her wrestling wasn’t very good and there’s not spots for everyone all the time.  That would be communism and I can’t support that.  Are you a communist now?