George Scott Why No Love?

Hey Scotty 

Not to take anything away from Pat Paterson, or all those also involved I myself becoming a pro wrestling fan.   

But, I got myself thinking.    George Scott from all accounts was the main man in the WWF up until 87/88 (other than Vince)?   If I am wrong here please let me know.   There is literally nothing online talking about him.   

Now if what I am thinking is true, Mr Scott needs a little more love.   I grew up/still am a huge fan of good rage team wrestling.   Tag teams that were a team (not two randoms together).    I am also a fan of less gimmicks and just more pro wrestlers actually wrestling (Don M, Greg V, Tito S, Randy S, plus all the great tags that were in the mid to late 80s).   

He didn’t seem to have any scandals around him, but yet we never here his praise.    Am I missing something here ?


The Baconman 

I was certainly enjoying his booking of the 84 MSG shows.  I think that the 89 NWA run kind of tarnished his legacy though.