Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 2nd January 2022

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Didn’t watch Day One. I saw the first period of the Winter Classic though, and goodness me did it look cold in that stadium. Fair play to everyone who played in/attended that game of hockey.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott and Thomas have the Day 1 reviews covered. Still time to read my ECW International Invasion review from yesterday.

News from Cultaholic

WWE results

Edge Vs Miz sounds like it might have been good at least

And of course the card got changed because Roman bought a ticket to the Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour

I hope he’s alright. Thankfully he’s had his jabs apparently, which should hopefully protect him from the worst effects

Doug Basham Vs The Damaja from OVW 2003 is our match today. This one had a lot of hype back in the day because it was a big blow off to a long running feud and OVW had to get creative to keep the feud alive when WWE teamed the two guys up on the Main Roster without telling OVW about it first

Have a gooden everyone!