Happy New Year From Sherwood park

Hey Scotty

Hope you and the family got some good time together over the holidays!    Freaking cold here in Alberta. 

Meanwhile, just wanted to say even though I don’t comment on the blog that much (never), still usually log in once a day.   I haven’t watched any weekly wrestling on tv in a couple of years, but still get a kick out of your comments. 

One thing I have noticed on the blog and elsewhere online, is that Bret Hart is finally getting the respect he deserved.    Seems most legend interviews, current wrestlers and new fans are all now comfortable saying exactly how great Bret is.   And, how influential he was on either how they work, or how they just appreciate pro wrestling.    It’s pretty cool.   We aren’t talking house shows in red deer or northlands Agricom.  :).

All the best

The Baconman

We miss you Baconman!  Hopefully you got a 102” 12k OLED for Christmas so you can watch that cheap and lazy company in HD.