What if WWE loses its TV deals

Financially WWE is better off than ever thanks almost entirely to its huge TV & content sharing deals. As a result, it seems other areas of their business have suffered: house show attendance, TV ratings, creating new stars, and an incredibly stale product. Top merch sellers like Wyatt were released, or turned heel like Becky Lynch.

So, supposing, hypothetically, once their current deals expire, FOX, USA, Peacock decide what they're paying WWE isn't nearly worth the return of investment. 

They offer half of what they're offering now. Or less. And no one else offers better. What happens to WWE? 

They fire another 60% of the workforce, go back to running house shows, and probably raise the price of the Network another $5 and actually put an effort into getting people to buy it again.  You have to remember that the company is so insanely profitable right now by wrestling standards that even the “failing” parts of their portfolio are making more money than pretty much any other wrestling promotion in the history of the sport ever did.