NXT UK – December 30, 2021

Date: December30, 2021
Hosts: Pretty Deadly

It’s the final show of the year and for the second week in a row, it’s time for a Best Of special. The good thing is that NXT UK has quite the collection to pick from, as this was a pretty awesome year for them. Odds are we’ll be seeing a lot of Ilja Dragunov here, plus some more of the bigger names from NXT UK. Let’s get to it.

As usual, I’ll be posting the full versions of the matches rather than the clipped ones.

Pretty Deadly welcomes us to the show and throws us to the greatest moment of all time.

We recap Pretty Deadly becoming #1 contenders to the Tag Team Titles and setting up their title shot against Gallus.

From February 25.

Tag Team Titles: Pretty Deadly vs. Gallus

Gallus is defending and Mark Coffey drives Sam Stoker into the corner to start. It’s off to Lewis Howley, who is armdragged into an armbar without much effort. Wolfgang takes Howley down by the arm as well and there’s the same thing to Stoker. Therefore it’s already back to Hawley as the champs are dominating to start. A double monkey flip sends Howley to the floor and Pretty Deadly needs a breather.

Back in and Howley manages a hiptoss but gets rocked with an uppercut. Wolfgang shrugs off some double teaming and we get the big staredown that would take us to a commercial if NXT UK had commercials. We settle down to Wolfgang being distracted by Howley so Stoker can knee him to the floor. A double backbreaker gets two on Wolfgang and it’s time to take turns choking in the corner.

Stoker’s running elbow to the jaw gets two and it’s time to work on the arm. Wolfgang knocks Howley down without much trouble and the double tag brings in Coffey and Stoker. Coffey cleans house without much trouble and a belly to back suplex drops Stoker for two. Howley comes in off a blind tag to kick Coffey in the head for two but Coffey kicks him even harder. Wolfgang is back in to catapult Howley into a Samoan drop but Stoker makes a save.

Coffey chokeslams Stoker onto the apron and a spear gives Wolfgang two on Howley. There’s a clothesline to put Howley on the floor but Stoker slaps Wolfgang to send him over the edge. The chase is on with Howley getting in a cheap shot to knock Wolfgang into the barricade. Back in and Stoker’s Codebreaker gets two on Coffey so Howley brings in a title. Coffey knocks it out of his hands but it’s a tornado DDT to drive him into the belt. The spinebuster/neckbreaker combination (Spilled Milk) gives us new champions at 15:03.

Rating: B-. This took some time to get going but then they got into a groove with the classic formula working. The ending with everything breaking down worked out rather well. There was little doubt about the title change here and that’s ok. Gallus had held the titles for far too long already so the title change was necessary. Not a great match, but it did what it was supposed to in this situation.

Video on Pretty Deadly as the Tag Team Champions.

Quick clip of Moustache Mountain taking the titles from Pretty Deadly in December.

Some wrestlers (Dave Mastiff, Jack Starz, Ashton Smith, Saxon Huxley, Primate and A-Kid) wish us a Happy New Year.

Ilja Dragunov, Oliver Carter, Rohan Raja, Sam Gradwell, Nathan Frazer and Amele wish us a Happy New Year.

Video on Walter’s dominance as United Kingdom Champion.

From June 24.

Ilja Dragunov vs. Joe Coffey vs. Rampage Brown

Time for a hoss fight and I’m trying to get my mind around Coffey’s weird green/white trunks. Brown drops Dragunov to start but gets suplexed by Coffey. It’s Dragunov getting back up to pull Brown to the mat for some elbows to the head. Coffey sends Dragunov outside before slugging it out with Brown. That means a Boston crab to Brown with Dragunov having to hammer away for a good while to break it up.

Brown is back up with a double clothesline to put the other two down, followed by a double suplex to send both of them flying. Coffey manages to backdrop Brown to the floor but Dragunov is back up with a bridging German suplex. Dragunov comes up holding his ribs as he goes up but has to fight Coffey off. That means Coffey goes crashing down, allowing Dragunov to jump over Brown into a backsplash for two.

Brown slams Dragunov onto Coffey for two but Dragunov gets back up to lose a slugout. A big lariat drops Brown though and Dragunov gets all insane again. Dragunov knocks Brown into the corner but Coffey hits his running tackle to send Dragunov into him. Coffey hits a big dive to take both of them out on the floor but Dragunov wins a slugout back inside. A second slugout goes to a draw to put them both down but Dragunov is up….and charges into a discus lariat. Brown knocks Coffey outside in a big crash but it’s Dragunov back up and striking away.

Some German suplexes rock Brown but he is fine enough to German suplex both Dragunov and the returning Coffey. An electric chair drop lets Coffey plant Brown and they all have to pull themselves up. They all collide for another knockdown but Brown is up first with a Doctor Bomb to Coffey. Dragunov makes the save and, after slipping out of another Doctor Bomb, hits a top rope Torpedo Moscow to finish Brown at 16:14.

Rating: B+. This was every single thing you would have expected from these three and that is a very good thing. They did nothing but hit each other really hard for a long time until one of them was left standing. Dragunov winning is the right call as he has the redemption story going so there isn’t even a complaint about the result. They had a hoss fight here and it was a very, very good one.

Post match here is Walter to hold up the title at Dragunov and then slap him down. Walter chokes him out and poses with the title to end the show. If they have a Takeover coming at any point in the next few months, they have the headliner right in front of them.

Video on Ilja Dragunov winning the United Kingdom Title and fighting various challengers since. Jordan Devlin seems to be next.

Kenny Williams, Sha Samuels, Xia Brookside, Wolfgang, Eddie Dennis and Nina Samuels are looking forward to a better New Year.

Pretty Deadly wrap us up.

Overall Rating: B. Kind of a weird one here as they went with the #1 contenders match rather than the title match itself. Maybe it is because the title change took place in actual NXT, but since the title has never changed hands in NXT UK, they didn’t have many options. At least it was great having Pretty Deadly get some focus, as those guys were an awesome addition all year long. Good show here because of the talent involved and it’s nice to see the titles get this much focus.



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