Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 31st December 2021

Happy Friday Everyone!

Only 1 day left of 2021, a year that I didn’t really enjoy outside of AEW having some good stuff going on in it and NOAH having the odd banger. Catalyst Wrestling continues to be entertaining whenever I’ve seen it and GCW is always getting a lot of positive noise about it, so I could potentially dive into those products some more during 2022.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott has got some Mid-South for is. J.W. has some more classic magazine antics. J has got some Joshi Spotlight for us. Logan has some more WWF from 1990. Thomas has reviewed some more WWE from 2007

News from Cultaholic

Mickie James says that WWE apparently took ideas she came up with and gave them to other people

What a treat of an organisation they are

NXT ratings are up

Coincidence that this coincided with guys like AJ Styles, Riddle and WALTER (Guys that fans of the original NXT would have liked to see) showing up?

Abroad in Japan is back with another video

Have a gooden everyone!