2021 Sendoff Thread: December 31, 2021

Here’s to next year; may she be a darn sight better than this one!

But first, let’s look back one last time at those we lost in 2021.  Please remain silent as we ring the final ten-count for the following.

  • Bobby Davis, former manager of champions
  • Butch Reed, Mid-South superstar and 1/2 of tag legends Doom
  • Rusty Brooks, enhancement talent and trainer of MVP and Gangrel
  • Dean Ho, territory superstar and Happy Hawaiian
  • Don Serrano, Hulk Hogan’s first ever opponent
  • Jocephus, NWA’s Question Mark
  • Jim Crockett Jr., NWA President and Mid-Atlantic power broker
  • Buddy Colt, Southeastern legend and plane crash survivor
  • Barry O, Stampede cult figure and Orton family dynasty member
  • Blade Braxton, WrestleCrap second-in-command
  • Jack Veneno, Caribbean legend and possible NWA champion
  • Sergio el Hermoso, trailblazing exotico in Mexico
  • New Jack, ECW Original and legendary maniac
  • Don Kernodle, NWA tag legend and tag partner of Sgt. Slaughter
  • Tony Marino, Pittsburgh superstar and grandfather of Impact’s Lady Frost
  • Jonathan Barber, CHIKARA referee and founder of Botchamania
  • Melissa Coates, manager of Sabu and whistleblower against Bill DeMott
  • Del Wilkes, tag champ in AWA as the The Trooper and WCW as The Patriot
  • Sid Cooper, British star and main influence on the career of William Regal
  • Chris Youngblood, youngest brother of the Youngblood family
  • Paul Orndorff, WrestleMania I headliner and headliner opposite Hogan
  • Ethel Brown, women’s wrestling pioneer
  • Brazo de Plata, aka Super Porky, lucha hero and father of Psycho Clown
  • Jody Hamilton, masked Assassin and father of WCW referee Nick Patrick
  • Bert Prentice, manager and promoter in GWF and USWA
  • Bobby Eaton, tag team legend as 1/2 of the Midnight Express and part of the Dangerous Alliance
  • Dominic DeNucci, trainer of Mick Foley and Shane Douglas
  • Daffney, late-game WCW icon and TNA Scream Queen
  • Eddie “Snowman” Crawford, Mid-South and Memphis wrestler endorsed by Muhammad Ali
  • Reggie Parks, first opponent of Dusty Rhodes and designer of the Winged Eagle WWF title
  • BADBOY Hido, FMW superstar and hardcore match specialist
  • Joe Cornelius, England’s most famous wrestler of the 1960s
  • Judy Bagwell, WCW personality and mother of Marcus aka Buff
  • Angelo Mosca, Maple Leaf superstar and CFL legend
  • Jack Lanza, 1/2 of the Blackjacks and popular WWF/E road agent
  • Jimmy Rave, tag team star with ROH and TNA
  • Corporal Kirschner, winner at WrestleMania II and legend in Japan under the Leatherface mask
  • Markus Crane, GCW deathmatch specialist

A list this long can be depressing, but rather than cry over those we lost, do yourself a favor and look up some of their highlights.  Look up Reed’s run in Mid-South; discover Aron Steven and Question Mark as martial arts “masters”; find Barry O’s promos as Zodiak in Stampede; watch an ECW brawl cleaned up by New Jack; find some GCW footage of The Patriot; re-watch Orndorff’s WWE Hall of Fame speech; find AAA footage of Los Brazos; watch the Night of the Skywalkers as Eaton and Condrey face the Road Warriors; view Daffney face Taylor Wilde in Monster’s Ball; enjoy Mosca’s CFL run; dig up some Blackjacks tag matches on Peacock; enjoy Jimmy Rave getting toilet paper tossed at him… the highlights are why they perform, and why we love wrestling.

In the meantime, enjoy Michigan/Georgia as they look to go into the National Championship game against (note to editors: I’m writing this before the other game kicks off, fill in the winner here).  Or, go to IWTV or FITE as independent wrestling is ringing in the new year with Heavy Lies the Crown and Til Infinity.  If you want more mainstream fun, Rampage has a TNT Title defense as Cody Rhodes faces Ethan Page as well as what was said to be an incredible women’s street fight (Tay Conti/Anna Jay vs Penelope Ford/The Bunny).  Or get drunk, but you’re probably doing that anyway.

In the meantime, here’s a gem: from a show in my neck of the woods (Landover MD, then home of the Washington Capitals), it’s the greatest tag rivalry ever.  Eaton and Lane.  Morton and Gibson.  Thanks for the memories, Bobby.

All right, folks, we’ve been over the rules.  Obey the mods’ instructions at all times.  I expect a good, clean thread.  Now, touch gloves, go to your keyboards, and come out posting.