Fake HOF Worthy

Well after the spirited debate on the blog yesterday regarding everyone's views on Uncle Dave's legendary rating system seems like a perfect time to get your thoughts on last night's discourse over on his twitter timeline regarding wrestlers being worthy of WON hall of fame worthy. Personally I can't think of anything less insignificant than being in the WON hall of fame. But I was blown away that is was even a discussion about Orton and Punk being first year ballot hall of farmers. Like how is that even a question, Dave wasn't even sure they were 4th or 5th year ballot worthy. Dave's points were Orton basically had zero impact on the business and Punks impact was barely above that. How does anyone take that cult seriously? Orton has been on top of the business for 20 years now and may be doing some of his best work yet, while AEW wouldn't even be possible today if it wasn't for what CM Punk has contributed to the game. Thoughts?

Orton has left several times for long stretches without business dropping significantly as a result, and he has come back with a renewed push and business doesn’t go up.  If you removed him from the history of wrestling, nothing would change of any significance.  He’s the very definition of a B Plus player.