Grayson Waller… why?

You sit through the hell-filled landscape that is NXT 2.0 and suffer for our entertainment, is there anything special about Grayson Waller that sticks out enough to make him a recent focal point to the point where he's feuding with AJ Styles? He seems serviceable
enough in the ring but nothing tremendous, his outside-the-ring persona is a walking cliche and his in-ring gear just bothers me. He was even Ric Flair in Young Rock, wearing a hilarious wig! I get pushing new talent but I guess I'm missing something. Or he
found certain photos of Kevin Dunn.

I don’t get it either.  He’s OK but literally building the show around him and having everyone stop and ask “Where’s Grayson Waller?” all the time is counterproductive.  And it’s not like his social media is any big deal either.  I at least UNDERSTAND the Toxic Attraction deal.  It doesn’t work, but it’s obvious what they’re trying.  Waller, no idea.