Tuesday Night Pandemonium – 28th December 2021

Good evening, wrestling fans, and welcome to another history-making Night Thread on Scott Keith’s Blog of Doom, where they are literally jam-packed to the rafters!  I hope you’ve all managed to get a second wind following all the pandemonium that traditionally breaks loose over Christmas, and are getting ready for what will be an unbelievable New Year.

On this day 24 years ago, The Stinger overcame The Hulkster in the main event of WCW Starrcade 1997.  This epic, never-before-seen clash of the titans had literally billions of wrestling fans worldwide glued to their television screens, as pay-per-view records everywhere were shattered.  This classic matchup was surrounded with controversy, as Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart made his presence felt as guest referee, following the so-called fast-count of nWo official Nick Patrick.  Was it a fast count?  Did a miscarriage of justice in fact take place?  Let’s get the official word from the man himself.

Talk about that and a whole lot more as we are with you deep into the night.  And remember, too many derogatory remarks and you’ll find your Blog career terminated in a hurry.