The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 10.26.85

The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 10.26.85

Taped from Shreveport, LA

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce & Bill Watts

BREAKING NEWS: In New Orleans, Butch Reed faces Dick Murdoch for the North American title, as Murdoch gets a rollup with the ref bumped, but Reed reverses it and the ref revives and counts the pin to make Butch Reed the NEW champion.  Hopefully Murdoch didn’t have any problems with putting over Reed.  I mean, I can’t imagine why he would.  Butch joins us at the desk with his new belt, and Bill Watts immediately points out that he too was the North American champion and thus knows what Reed is experiencing.  We get clips of the babyface celebration in the locker room, as Duggan pops the champagne and then drinks it himself in a funny moment.  Reed cuts a fired up babyface promo and RIC FLAIR IS NEXT.  Jim Duggan and Jake Roberts also add their thoughts to really put this over as a huge moment for Reed, although this ended up as yet another failed attempt to recreate Junkyard Dog on the part of Bill Watts.

Back at the desk, Watts moves on to the subject of Dick Slater, as Watts has film of someone sneaking into the heel locker room at the same show, where Flair is presenting Slater with a briefcase full of cash, almost as much as Tony Khan pays me on a weekly basis, which is a neat callback to Slater’s role in taking out Flair in 1983.  Except now it’s Flair who is paying the bounty.  So unless something really unexpected and awesome happens in the next three weeks, Butch Reed will be the guy getting the title shot at Ric Flair as the North American champion.

Larry Clarke & Broadway Joe Malcolm v. Al Perez & Wendell Cooley

Before we can start, Dibiase and Doc interrupt and demand another title shot at Cooley & Perez, complaining that they were put at the END of the show and couldn’t regain the titles in the four minutes of TV time they had left.  Perez disagrees with that assessment and notes that Dibiase isn’t even dressed to fight, but Dibiase makes fun of their matching jackets and calls them the “new Rock N Roll Express”.  Well at least the RNR had their names spelled correctly on their gear, unlike “Wendal Cooley” and his jacket.  So next week, they do another Mid South tag title match, at the BEGINNING of the show this time.  Perez takes Broadway Joe down and works the arm, and then Cooley hauls in Clarke and beats on him to set up a double backdrop.  Perez with a suplex and then he finishes with the german suplex at 1:32.  Good little segment to put in the work and build up the tag title rematch next week.  1 for 1.  Also Ted Dibiase is AWESOME.

The Bruise Brothers v. Jerry Grey & Tony Falk

Once again to clarify, the Bruise Brothers are not the Harrissesses, but rather Porkchop Cash & Mad Dog Boyd, with Boyd replacing Dream Machine Troy Graham after a broken leg.  Cash and Body double-team Falk with an elbow and Cash drops a knee on him before Boyd hits a big splash to finish at 1:43.  Just a generic “soul brothers” tag team.  1 for 2.

Humongous v. Steve Constance

Humongous comes in swinging while Bill Watts makes fun of Constance’s partner Tim Ashley, who received a “brain concussion” in a match with Humongous and “went back to doing whatever people who aren’t tough enough for wrestling do”.  Bill Watts, ladies and gentlemen.  If he wasn’t real you’d think I was making him up.  Humongous finishes with a legdrop and cobra sleeper at 1:00.  1 for 3.

Jake Roberts v. Dutch Mantel

But first, Jake wants to talk about the controversial hockey mask worn by Humongous.  Mid-South isn’t moving fast enough to ban it for Jake’s liking, so Jake is going to reveal his own secret weapon.  Is it a huge payday from the WWF?  Jake works the arm and Dutch complains about having his hair pulled, and then uses that distraction to go to work on Jake’s arm.  Jake goes for the DDT and Dutch slides away to escape while Watts scoffs at the idea of people being under pressure.  You know who’s pressured?  BUTCH REED.  He’s the North American and TV champion at the same time now, plus he’s got a bounty on his head from Ric Flair!  Dutch beats on Jake on the ropes while we finally learn the mysterious shade that Bill Watts was casting on “DDT imitators” a couple of weeks back, noting that “He saw Roddy Piper ATTEMPT a DDT recently but he hasn’t got the technique.”  So there you go, he was busting on Hot Rod.  I don’t recall Piper using the DDT off-hand but obviously I wasn’t watching as obsessively as Cowboy was at the time.  Dutch runs away and tries to sucker Jake into a brawl outside, but Jake outsmarts him and hits him with the DDT on the way back in and pins him at 4:43.  That was a great finish.  2 for 4.

The Fantastics v. Dick Slater & Buzz Sawyer

See now if Slater had confined himself to teaming with Buzz as an ass-kicking tag team in the midcard, his booking run would have been fine.  The heels attack to start and get chased off, so Buzz slaps Rogers around looking to incite a fight, and Tommy slugs him to the apron as a result.  Mission accomplished, I guess.  Rogers works the arm and Fulton takes him down with armdrags, and Slater comes in and gets more of the same from the Fantastics.  I should note that all four guys are wearing red trunks here, which makes it confusing to tell everyone apart.  Buzz comes in with a leapfrog on Rogers, but he stops to celebrate his athleticism and Rogers takes him down again.  Fulton comes in and Sawyer just lays him out and chokes him out on the ropes, setting up a forearm from Slater.  Watts reminds us that he HATES bounty hunters because they’re a bunch of backjumpers!  I’d like see him say that to Dr. D.  Also Dark Journey reminds him that a women’s place isn’t at ringside, it’s “being pretty in the home”.  Bill Watts, ladies and gentlemen.  Buzz gets a powerslam on Fulton, who manages to roll away for the hot tag to Rogers while Watts rants about “showbiz and entertainment” ruining wrestling, and then Buzz Sawyer pins Rogers clean with a powerslam at 6:28 because he’s a TOUGH GUY and tough guys are top guys.  Frankly I’m shocked Slater didn’t get the pinfall here himself.  A fun match with a result that even Jim Duggan would have seen coming while blinded by Akbar.  3 for 5.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan v. El Corsario

Hacksaw does a promo before the match, reinforcing Bill’s point about a women’s place being in the home, or in the stands watching the match, because he’s tired of so-called valets interfering.  A true lady keeps her mouth shut!  Also he’s pretty sure that Dark Journey is a hooker that Slater dragged off the street.  This brings out Slater and he’s pretty offended at Duggan insulting his woman, and he’s got a point.  Duggan points out that he didn’t insult anyone’s lady, he insulted Dark Journey, and this triggers a DONNYBROOK, with Duggan laying out Slater before Mad Dog joins in to even it up.  So Duggan’s girlfriend (wife?) tries to break it up, but Sawyer runs her into the corner and then squashes her in a pretty crazy bump for a civilian, and they bust Duggan open and beat the everloving shit out of him until Cooley and Perez make the save.  I love this show so much.  4 for 6.  Tommy Rogers is so concerned that he comes out to help with one boot off!  Duggan carries his woman back to the dressing room while yelling in anguish, and we’re out for the week.

In two weeks:  Ric Flair comes to Mid South to defend against whoever the North American champion is!    I keep trying to stretch these out because we’re almost out of episodes on the Network but I want to binge the rest so badly.