Stings ride into the sunset

This is a nice short article: 

I think Sting and AEW have a firm grasp on exactly how long this should go on for, especially since it his chance to go out on HIS terms.  Do you think the 2 following events will happen on his way out:

1. Challenging for a world title one last time, this case AEW and i think Hangman Page is the perfect babyface for Sting to lose to on a much hyped Dynamite

2.  Making it official his last match will be against darby Allin at a ppv in 2022.  Puts over Allin ofcourse, big celebration on following dynamite/rampage. 

I don't think Sting has any desire to go beyond what he's doing now:  Darby's mentor and occasional party match MVP.  At some point he can put over an MJF and then ride off to do agenting or whatever full time.