So I am confused, no one is disputing that AEW beat NXT handily in the ratings, wasn't it Undisputed Era that was main focus of the show AEW was crushing weekly? So what improvement does AEW gain from now signing 3 of those guys and aligning them together to rehash that group? They got plenty of jobbers to the stars and more than enough tag teams. If I am Proud n Powerful I might be pretty worried about my spot right now. I am sure ReDragon vs Bucks in an Adam Cole on a pole match with will get all the stars, but at some point shouldn't they start focusing on only bringing in people that might grow the company? Kyle is great and all, don't blame him for leaving because being in a tag team was the only way he was gonna make the main roster. But he is not a draw and either is Bobby Fish or Tony Neese.

It seems like we are way off the track from Cody's original mission statement that AEW will not just be filled with ex WWE people. I get signing Bryan and Punk, and Cole and Sting to a lesser extent. But has anyone really come over since Mox and made an noticeable difference to improving AEWs bottom line? And I am not talking a bump in ratings/attendance for a couple weeks or getting a 5 plus star rated match from Uncle Dave that couldn't be more worthless these days. I am talking about someone you can point to and say man when they came business really picked up and never looked back. Most everyone they have brought in is the same level they were previously or for some worse. Who has AEW proven Vince was wrong about?

Andrade seems like he signed a decade ago, so far he has more managers than matches of importance and still can't speak English. Black started hot but wasn't long before Cody got all the heat back. Miro finally recovered from a year of bad booking and now is right back where he started, sitting in catering. Ethan Page was brought in and immediately jammed into a Tag Team where he doesn't even get to talk for himself all the time. Ruby is proving why she was a jobber to the stars in WWE. Poor Jay Lethal got one big match before he was going out 2nd in battle royales. Adam Cole was trending for days on twitter due to how poor thing his run is going so far. And it's not done because they got Brody King, Briscoe Boys, and a maybe off the wagon Jeff Hardy on the way. Where does it end? Wasn't WWE shamed for hoarding talent?

Man I wish I was half as passionate about anything as you are about these anti AEW diatribes.