Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 26th December 2021

Happy Boxing Day Everyone!

Today is the UK’s Black Friday (Or at least it was until we inherited actual Black Friday from the Yanks). If you’re out shopping today then please be nice to the overworked retail staff you meet along the way, especially as their ranks are probably going to be depleted due to the plague that’s going on. There’s no excuse to be a jerk to an underling who is just doing their job.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott has Rampage for us. I’m guessing Thomas will have something for us today as well. If not, if anyone on this planet has earned a day off it’s certainly him! Still time to read Dave’s classic WCW review from yesterday, as well as my angry ranting about Starrcade 99

News from Cultaholic

DDP thinks Randy Orton will win the Royal Rumble

Honestly I think anyone other than Lashley or Drew winning it is a waste at this stage, but I thought the same last year and Edge ended up being over like rover at Mania so what the heck do I know?

IMPACT Wrestling returns to pay per view in April 2022

ROH falling by the wayside should give them a chance to re-establish themselves as the third placed company in North America, although both MLW and GCW will be no pushover in that regard

And now some videos!

Great Muta Vs Yoshihiro Takayama from 2009!

Todd in the Shadows gives it out to the worst songs of 2010

OSW Review looks at The Warrior’s comic

Have a gooden everyone!