Joshi Spotlight: GAEA Japan- Never-Ending Bump

(Nov. 3rd 1995)
* We arrive at yet another GAEA show with some one-time-only matches, plus the usual rookies doing their thing. This show was based around a Main Event, as the “Chigusa vs. Bad Nurse Nakamura” match of months ago set up today’s Chigusa vs. Shark Tsuchiya main.

G vs. J 3 ON 3 MIX:
* Rookie Mayhem! Again JWP’s & GAEA’s are mixed up against each other. Motoya’s in white,  Chihiro’s in black, Amano’s in black & blue, Sato’s in white, Meiko’s in red and Yuki’s in pink & green.

Yuki seems to have an issue with Motoya before the bell, charging her fellow JWP wrestler on the apron, so Motoya holds her for the others to hit, then slaps the shit out of her. Everyone beats up Sato for a while, then Meiko hammers Amano and Yuki finally wrestles Motoya. Yuki gets beaten on for a bit, and gets kneed by Chihiro when she turns it around. Amano smacks around Sato for interfering and backdrops her onto Yuki, but Amano misses a flying splash. Motoya/Yuki just won’t leave each other alone, but finally Chihiro’s in and Yuki quickly paintbrushes her. Sato comes in with neckbreakers for two, but gets her leg torn up, so in comes Meiko for only the second time all match and she & Amano do this crazy bit where they reverse an Irish whip into the corner about four times in quick succession. Meiko ends up knocking her over and her team wipes out the others, so they hit three flying attacks in a row, only for the opponents to dogpile them and drag Amano to their corner. Everyone flies in for a billion attacks and rollups, and they do a fascinating bit where Meiko keeps going for an arm submission while Amano rolls around… but she reverses a sunset flip with an armhold of her own, and that’s the end as Meiko quits at (12:13)! Amano wins it for her team!

An unexpected result, as the star rookie jobs by submission to Amano. The match had an interesting story with Motoya & Yuki hating on each other and puncuated it with the usual “teenagers screaming at each other” stuff, but was obviously still quite basic. Meiko was in the best, most unique bits of the match, as you might expect- a quadruple-reversal on a whip is not something I’ve seen before.

Rating: ** (perfectly acceptable stuff, especially for rookies)

* An interesting one, as two JWP stars take on their own ally Hikari, teaming up with GAEA’s KAORU. This is HEAVILY clipped, as the original match is 45 minutes long, and we’re supposed to get 27 minutes of that instead of fifteen! Devil’s in purple & black, Ozaki’s in red & black, Hikari’s in leopard-print, and KAORU’s in white.

We’re joined in progress with Hikari doing her cartwheel handspring elbow while KAORU holds Devil in the corner, then throws a million more elbows as all the women are clearly exhausted- Devil just kinda pushes her off a Super Rana attempt with a powerbomb, getting two when KAORU breaks it up. Everyone is clearly just WIPED here, spacey-eyed and sweaty from the effort. Devil overthrow powerbombs KAORU to the floor, then tries to finish Hikari with the Ligerbomb for two. A sleeper kills her, but KAORU flies in with a missile kick to the back of the head and drags Hikari’s corpse to the corner for the tag. She runs into a Samoan drop, but stops Devil’s climb, gets tossed and powerbombed by Ozaki, then dodges Devil’s Guillotine Legdrop. KAORU avoids a Doomsday Device and sloppily rolls Ozaki up a couple times, but gets taken down in an armbar and eats Devil’s Guillotine TO THE ARM for two, then an assisted powerbomb gets two. They try another Device, but KAORU armdrags Ozaki off the top while standing on the top rope, then Hikari finally recovers and wipes out Oz with the Rider Kick (Somersault Missile Dropkick)!

Hikari hits the cartwheel handspring elbow to both women, then leapfrogs KAORU into Devil with a dropkick and both girls pepper the shit out of her with more of them for two. KAORU hits some great brainbusters, but Ozaki saves. They actually sell this as a potential KO, but when Devil stumbles up at “8”, Hikari Rider Kicks her in the back of the fucking head! Devil is completely toast, but the referee refuses to count the pin, instead demanding another “KO” count. Devil struggles up at “8” and nearly gets German’d, but Ozaki cannonballs KAORU. Hikari prevents the count and Moonsaults Devil for two- Oz saves, then attacks KAORU during a sleeper, so Hikari sleepers HER, then hits a vicious Moonsault Stomp to Devil! This sets up KAORU doing it, but the first one sucks so she does another- Devil weakly bridges while Oz saves again. However, she finally recovers enough to hit an electric chair drop & Ligerbomb for two, then Oz powerbombs Hikari ONTO KAORU for two. Ozaki FINALLY gets tagged in, hitting the Tequila Sunrise for two! Another gets two, and a Doomsday Device Cross-Body gets the same! KAORU ranas out of a powerbomb for two as time ticks down, and they try a Doomsday Device RIDER KICK, but Ozaki victory rolls KAORU for two to avoid it! Devil powerbombs Hikari! Oz powerbombs KAORU! And Devil climbs up and catches KAORU with her Super Reverse Fameasser thing, but time expires at (14:07 of 45:00), preventing a victory.

Holy HELL that looked like a war. I dunno how they filled the previous thirty minutes, but presumably it must’ve had restholds or something (Mike Lorefice says “you know something is up when KAORU is pacing herself” about it), but this was exhausted people throwing out all the stops to kill each other, and so it came off as awesome. I loved all the huge move attempts, and some of them failing, as it made people look desperate to hit more and more MDKs that just weren’t working.

Rating: ***1/2 (came off great, maybe because we missed 30 minutes of whatever to start)

CHIGUSA NAGAYO (GAEA) vs. SHARK TSUCHIYA (FMW) (w/ Bad Nurse Nakamura & Miwa Sato):
* So months before, we saw a brutal Chigusa match against FMW’s Bad Nurse Nakamura, who cut and bladed Chigusa repeatedly, only to be shamed into actually using REAL WRESTLING by the legend, and losing thereafter. Shark, Nurse’s second for the match, was a giant shitpiece the whole thing, so Chigusa called her out, and now we have the follow-up match. Shark’s a pretty brutish-looking short-haired fighter with black & green gear and facepaint, while Chigusa’s red & black gear now has a lot of yellow in it.

We start right away with Shark powerbombing Chigusa through a table and the ref being bumped, and Shark taunts the pro-GAEA crowd while torturing Chigusa with a kendo stick wrapped in barbed wire. She & her cronies beat her up and drag her all around the arena for a couple minutes, naturally leaving her bloodied and vulnerable, leading to a huge pop when she fires back with a roundhouse kick off a whip to the ropes. She does another, but Sato runs in with the stick and halts her, only to accidentally nail Shark with it! This leads Chigusa to fucking murder her with the running ThunderFire Powerbomb, then she strangles Nakamura to death in a sleeper and the face/heel dynamic is so strong even I’M marking out for how awesome that pissed-off comeback is. The crowd goes nuts for that and the subsequent ass-kicking on Shark!

Chigusa uses the stick, a table, and a chair as offensive weapons on Shark, then sleepers her down in the ring… but wait! Sato has thrown on some gloves and is wrapping the turnbuckles in barbed wire! And she dropkicks Shark in the front, slamming Chigusa into the wire! Shark shoves Chigusa into the wire to the horror of the crowd and now the boss is in trouble again. However, Chigusa makes a pretty easy comeback, just getting fired up and kicking Shark down, hitting a superplex for two, but Bad Nurse dives in and Chigusa’s now got a barbed ROPE tied around her waist. Chigusa scores another roundhouse kick and lariats the cronies down- Shark backdrop suplexes her for two and uses the rope as a weapon. They wrap a chair in barbed wire and Shark overthrow powerbombs Chigusa onto it (the bump doesn’t REALLY work that well, because she takes the landing on her feet and just flops forward), and Chigusa writhes in agony until Shark just powerbombs her on that weird rope thing and milks the count… and instead of fighting up, Chigusa never gets up from all fours, so Shark WINS at (13:34)!! Chigusa does the KO job to Shark of all people!

Well it was three on one the entire way and the heel won through sheer dishonesty- like the first step in one of many Crush Gals/Atrocious Alliance matches back in the ’80s. I was pretty surprised Chigusa ate the loss given how big a star she was, but this was a completely undeserved win for the heel to be certain. As a “match” it was mostly just weapon shots and brawling, but I dug Chigusa’s few mini-comebacks and beating up the minions, and also want to buy a ticket to see her beat all three women’s asses to hell, so this match was a resounding success!

Rating: **3/4 (some decent bumps and good character work, but mostly simple weapon-based attacks)

Overall, another weird mish-mash of “Dream Matches” and “Chigusa vs. An Invader” stuff, but at least this time Chigusa actually looked at the lights and needs to gain revenge.