Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 24th December 2021

Happy Friday Everyone!

Hope you’re all excited for the Holidays and have finished your prep.

Scheduled today on the Blog: J.W. has some more classic wrestling mag flashbacks. Thomas has reviewed NXTUK and some more classic WWE from 2007. Scott has got the WON Flashback for us. J has got some GAEA and Logan has got some more WWF from 1990

Now some news from Cultaholic

Finn Balor is Killer Kross’ favourite opponent

Wouldn’t surprise me if he held that honour for quite a few grapplers

Ric Flair really loves Kevin Owens

Kevin Steen having such a good run in WWE considering his look and wrestling style really is an impressive achievement on his part. Mick Foley-like almost in some ways

Todd in the Shadows lets rip on the worst songs of 1976

Have a gooden everyone!