Briscoes v FTR

Hey Scott and the BoDders!

Im super excited for the Briscoes v FTR match that is on the horizon.
Given the locations for the next few tapings, how would you lay the program out?
Tonight is Greensboro NC, followed by Jacksonville and Newark, then Raleigh NC and Washington DC. 
FTR are from NC and Briscoes are from close to DC.
My hope is first interaction tonight. Video and backstage promos in Jax and NJ. Blindside attack in Raleigh. Then match in DC. Granted, im going to DC for the shows and to see the city so i have personal stakes in where i want the match to occur. 
What say you? And the readers as well? Do i have a good shot at seeing that match from Section 105 Row AA?
Tapings for what exactly?