If Hogan/Flair went down at WMVIII…

It's been hashed over multiple times the various reasons why Hogan v. Flair didn't happen at WMVIII.  But let's suppose it did go down: what do you think would be the
best way to do the match?  Do you do the Hogan match, where he dominates for the first few minutes, sells the rest of the match before making the big comeback?  Or a Flair match, where he gets bullied non-stop for like 20 minutes (with general helpings of
begging off and shouting “OH, GOD!!!”) before Hogan injures his leg.  Assuming 1992 WWF would even let them go half an hour (big if), there are few things more entertaining in wrestling than Flair being a punching bag, so the latter would sound more appealing
to me personally.

I should clarify that I'm asking what you think would make the better match, not what we think would actually happen.  If that were the case, they'd probably just do a Hogan match, since he had the stroke in the WWF and that's what the crowd would have expected/wanted
to see, anyway.  Or worst-case scenario, the egos clash too much and neither can agree on what to do, and the match ends up as something disappointingly betwixt-and-between.

Obviously the best way would be for Flair to plug Hogan into the Luger role and do the broomstick match, which is a dynamic I don’t think we ever actually saw between Hulk and Ric.