Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 22nd December 2021

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I am counting down every second on that clock until the end of work on Christmas Eve let me tell you!

I’ve written an article for Gaming Respawn on TNA’s horrendous Silent Night, Bloody Night match, which you can read if you click the link below.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Dave Newman had a new article up yesterday that I missed out of the update, so check his archives. Scott and Thomas have the NXT 2.0 reviews covered. More classic ROH from me today. Jabroniville has some more Dream Matches. Logan once again takes us back to 1990 for some WWF action

Now some news from Cultaholic

IMPACT’s ratings are down

Every time I’ve seen IMPACT in the past couple of years it seems to be a decent show, but it just feels absolutely ice cold right now and I don’t know how they change that

Aramis will be in Battle of Los Angeles

Like some of the others who have been announced for BOLA, I don’t really know who he is. And in all honesty, that’s probably a good thing. PWG giving guys a chance in this setting is how stars on the indie scene are made

Daddy Caddy is back with a truly blasphemous video

Have a gooden everyone!