COVID effects on NXTUK

I was reading the recent nxtuk episode recap on your site and completely forgot Mustache Mountain were still together, and i feel bad i haven't followed much as British Strong Style are some of my favoprite talents today.   Looking back, if covid didn't happen, I don't think much would have changed in wwe or aew storylines, if at all really.  Probably the biggest is another attempt at Reigns ultimate face push starting with a WM win, and no thunderdome.

If not for covid, maybe Nxt would have kept the momentum of its weekly shows and reliable takeovers, but i don't think that would stop aew beating them and vince being forever sourpuss and w'ere at 2.0 regardless. 

But when i look at NxtUk, if covid didn't happen, does Balor defeat WALTER in Dublin?  Does Iija get past the mid-card at this point?  Does Dunne return or go to the main show where he should be a star already?  Does Mustache Mountain continue being one of the greatest tag-teams around today, or eventually breakup as Tyler Bate should be the biggest babyface on the planet at this point? 

Stay safe and Ovi takes the all time goal title in 3 more seasons. 

I’ve never really watched the UK show outside of the one episode with WALTER and Ilya.  I’m really not the guy to ask about those.