Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 21st December 2021

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I can just imagine the conversations at Downing Street yesterday;

“The proles are getting mouthy again following those pictures coming out Boris”

“Very well, call the cabinet and we’ll come up with further restrictive measures to knock it out of the news cycle”

“Excellent idea Prime Minister. Gouda?”

“Ah ha, marvellous, to the trough!”

Do I sound bitter? Probably because I am.

At least I’m now officially boosted. Arm hurts but no other side effects thus yet.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Andy has got the AEW Elevation review. Thomas has suffered through Raw for us all. Scott has some Mid-Atlantic for us later on

Now some news from Cultaholic

Gail Kim once tried to quit Impact Wrestling via fax

Probably would have been more apt if she’d written it on a napkin from the nearest Harvester restaurant and just sent it in via carrier pigeon

Johnny Ace apparently didn’t like MNM because Joey Mercury looked too much like Matt Hardy

Source is Tommy Dreamer, so pinch of salt and all that

There’s a new Botchamania!

Have a gooden everyone!