Back to Thunderdome

With the NFL shuffling games around, SNL canceling its Christmas show, and the NHL shutting the league down for the next week, there certainly seem to be some real March 2020 vibes hitting the worlds of sports and entertainment right now.

Any chance that WWE or AEW are even sniffing the idea of doing any shows without fans again or are we getting 50,000 people crammed into a building for the Royal Rumble next month no matter how many letters of the Greek alphabet are running wild, pal?

P.S. The Rumble is in Missouri, a state whose Attorney General is literally suing cities and schools that try and enforce COVID safety protocols.

Yeah I think that worst case scenario is that AEW and WWE both retreat back to the loving arms of DeSantis and run out of Florida.  We know they’re never gonna enforce protocols there anyway and then WWE can return to the Award Winning THUNDERDOME until s--- blows over again.  They’ll just have to give away even less free tickets to NXT and make new fake crowd screens to replace them.