NXT UK – December 16, 2021

Date: December 16, 2021
Location: BT Sports Studios, London, England
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Andy Shepherd

Things changed a bit last week as Moustache Mountain won the Tag Team Titles from Pretty Deadly. That means we can focus on something else this week, so thankfully we do have a #1 contenders match to the Heritage Cup between Nathan Frazer and A-Kid. That alone sounds awesome so let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Joe Coffey vs. Charlie Dempsey

The bigger Coffey pushes him up against the corner and seems to be a bit more aggressive here. Dempsey kicks his way out of a wristlock but can’t quite tie up the arm and leg at the same time. Back up and Coffey rolls through a hiptoss into an armbar as he seems to be a step ahead so far. Coffey ties up the legs and even stomps on them, only to punch the turnbuckle by mistake.

Dempsey goes right after the arm, even tying it up so he can slug Coffey in the face. A backslide attempt doesn’t get Coffey anywhere so Dempsey rips at the face to keep him in trouble. Dempsey grabs a suplex for two and puts on something like an abdominal stretch on the mat. Coffey fights up and is quickly put into a guillotine but powers out again. They hit heads and go down for a double breather, followed by the slugout.

That’s as illogical as it seems for Dempsey as Coffey hammers away and scores with the discus lariat. Coffey manages a springboard spinning crossbody but the bad arm is banged up. Cue the rest of Die Familia, which draws out Gallus for the big brawl. Dempsey uses the distraction to send the bad arm into the steps, setting up the dragon sleeper to knock Coffey out for the win at 12:29.

Rating: B-. Dempsey really does feel like someone that different around here, even if he is about as physically uninteresting as you can get. That doesn’t seem to matter though as he knows how to hurt people, which can always be used around here. Odds are this is setting up a six man tag and that could be a heck of a fight, whenever we get there.

We look back at Moustache Mountain winning the Tag Team Titles last week.

Sid Scala announces a tournament to crown the new #1 contenders for the Tag Team Titles.

Video on Jordan Devlin, who knows that he is awesome and looks great, but he wants to be more than just an ace. He wants to be more than Ilja Dragunov, who needs the fans approval. All Devlin needs is himself.

Here is Moustache Mountain to celebrate their win. Trent Seven talks about how they needed that last week because they have come up short a few times. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do if they didn’t win….but it doesn’t matter because they have the titles. Seven is going to fight as long and hard as it takes to keep these titles, which sounds good to Bate.

The champs are rather pleased with their win, which Seven says makes Bate a Grand Slam winner around here. I believe he means Triple Crown winner but close enough. They thank everyone for sticking with them through the rough times because this is impossible without them. Nice moment here, as it was a big win.

Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter want the Tag Team Titles.

Video on Blair Davenport, who is coming for Meiko Satomura’s Women’s Title. The title match is in three weeks.

Danny Jones vs. Kenny Williams

Hold on though as Williams says he wants to beat up Mark Andrews instead of Jones. That’s not enough to get Jones to to back down though so let’s get this over with. Jones armbars him to the ropes to start but Williams slips out of a slam and goes for the knee. There’s a rake to the back and Williams yells about Andrews. Jones manages a comeback by sending him into the corner, setting up a kick to the face. Williams takes the knee out again and stomps away though, setting up Bad Luck. Another Bad Luck finishes Jones at 3:47.

Rating: C. This was just a step above a squash for Williams and that is what he should be doing. I’m still not sure how far he is going to go as the Cockroach but at least he got a win here and looked pretty good doing so. Jones is another one of those guys who can look good in defeat while giving someone else a boost so at least he has a role.

Post match, Williams yells about Andrews some more.

Symbiosis is read for a new beginning in 2022. They’re standing behind a cage during this for some reason.

During the break, Kenny Williams has attacked Mark Andrews, injuring his arm in the process.

Nathan Frazer vs. A-Kid

Heritage Cup rules and the winner gets a shot at Noam Dar. Round one begins with A-Kid taking him to the mat for a very early headlock before running Frazer over for two. Frazer can’t get very far with a hammerlock as A-Kid is right back up with another headlock. A-Kid hits him in the face to take over but can’t quite get the Fujiwara armbar. Frazer’s monkey flip doesn’t get him out so A-Kid stays on the arm without much avail to end the round in a standoff.

Round two begins with Frazer hitting a dropkick and grabbing an armbar of his own. Frazer flips out of a headscissors as they are still at a fast pace. We hit the pinfall reversal sequence with Frazer getting a cradle for the pin and the first fall at 1:48 of the round and 5:22 overall.

Round three begins with A-Kid missing some kicks to the face, allowing Frazer to kick him in the face instead. A-Kid’s cross armbreaker sends Frazer bailing to the ropes and he’s back with a belly to belly. There’s a moonsault into the reverse DDT to plant A-Kid and they slug it out until A-Kid hits a heck of a running knee for two. The Fujiwara armbar goes on but time runs out on A-Kid.

Round four begins with Frazer kicking him in the ribs and hitting a Sling Blade. Frazer rolls into a Boston crab but A-Kid rolls out for a break of his own. A-Kid is up with a dive through the ropes to counter a springboard moonsault into a German suplex (cool) and Frazer is rocked. Back in and a leg lariat finishes Frazer at about 1:50 of the round and 11:14 overall.

Round five begins with A-Kid hitting a fisherman’s suplex for two but he nips up into a heck of a superkick to give Frazer two. They go up top with Frazer hitting a dropkick on the top and hitting a super flipping fall away slam for two more. A-Kid is right back up with a shot to the arm though, setting up the Rings of Saturn with the legs for the win at 2:31 of the round and 14:19 overall.

Rating: B. These are two of the young, talented guys around here and it is nice to see them getting to showcase themselves well. A-Kid getting the chance to get his title back is a good thing, but I’m not sure if I would have gone with him here. Frazer is a fresh challenge for the title and it could have been interesting to see what he could have done in the title match.

Respect is shown to end the show.

Overall Rating: B-. This was a heck of a show with two good matches and a not bad one in the middle. They seem to be setting up some big stuff in the future and that’s how these shows are supposed to feel. I’m not sure what that future is going to be if the pandemic keeps hitting everywhere, but it’s nice to enjoy it while it lasts.


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