Elimination Chamber Whackiness Through The Years

Hey Scott,

I recently re-watched the Elimination Chamber main event for New Year’s Revolution 2005 with a friend, and went back to see what you thought of it in 2005. In your rant, a line stuck out to me in a big way: 

“Quick story about Edge: The original plan for the first Chamber match in 2002 was for Edge to get eliminated from the three-way tag title match early, jump to RAW mid-show, and replace Shawn Michaels (who would be injured by HHH) to win the title from HHH in his place.”

This was strange to me, for two reasons.

  1. I have a podcast about the era you’re referring to in 2002 (*cheap plug* The Smackdown Six Podcast *cheap plug*), and although Edge was clearly approaching main event status, heating him up like that in one night in November 2002 would have been a pretty wild move, and he didn’t get his first world title for another four years. I would think you were way off base, except…
  2. More or less exactly what you wrote about in 2005 happened at No Way Out 2009, with Edge specifically! 

Where did you hear about that plan initially? Why was it nixed? Did Edge revive this idea in 2009? Is this the longest time between floating a wrestling idea and actually executing it?

Matt Vaughan

Host, The Smackdown Six Podcast


That would have come from Ed Koskey, who was emailing me on a regular basis at that point to vent about stuff.