WWF in California in 1983

So while killing time browsing through Grahsm Cawthon's excellent History of WWE website, while looking through the 1983 year for WWF, I noticed that they did a few shows in California. I don't mean California, PA (though they did work that town in '83- Bob Backlund and Playboy Buddy Rose was the main event!) but rather Los Angeles and San Diego. We always think of Vince Jr expanding in 1984 but it looks like he got a head start the year before, with Vince Sr still involved (how much involved is another story) with the promotion. Do you know how WWF got out to California? Was it via Z Channel? And you might not know the answer here, but I'll ask anyway: how involved was Vince Sr in the day-to-day operations of the WWF in 1983?

I don't really know the answer to either one, but perhaps someone in the comments would!