Santana/Valentine feud

Hola Scott,

I don't think this feud gets nearly enough respect. This was a damn war between these 2 guys and deserves more recognition.

Not sure how many matches they had but this feud went around the horn and had all kinds of action packed matches! Lumberjack, Steel Cage to blow it off and a smashing of a legendary belt!

Is there a best of Tito Santana dvd or even a box set out there of his career? Take my fkn money! Gna do a deep dive on the intrawebs and search for this gold.

Poor Tito never really got the respect he was due, although he WAS one of the first people to pin the Undertaker in the WWF, so there's that.  And no, I don't think he ever got so much as a Best of Tito Coliseum Video either.