This never happens

AEW signs the former Daniel Bryan. Awesome move. And AEW wants to cash in on The American Dragon, so they set up a Omega vs Danielson match. Great…except they want to run Page vs Omega at Full Gear. So the Bryan vs Omega match goes to a time limit draw to avoid either guy taking an L. Yeah, 50/50 booking, but let’s wait and see how things play out.

Turns out that AEW wants more of that Bryan action, and he gets the nod as Page’s first challenger.

Setting up a match where Bryan has to lose, or they run another Hangman redemption program where he loses the title in his first defence but earns his way back on top. Unless they go with the Vince booking and protect both guys. Or just TNA things, give Bryan the title and Page can do “cowboy shit” in the midcard.

So what happens? Not only do they go the Vince route, they do it in an insulting way. The match goes long. The announcers keep saying how long the match between Bryan and Page is going. One of them mentions Danielson’s arrogance, but doesn’t reference the Omega match directly. Because who’d remember that? And of course the match ends in a time limit draw with one of the announcers going “this never happens”.

What, a promotion booking a match and not wanting either guy to take the L? A promotion having a guy win a title, and immediately not getting put over?

Sure. That never happens.

Next they will be shocked when a baby face wins a trophy and a heel breaks it during a sneak attack at the trophy ceremony.

What is it that the kids say on Twitter?  “Just here for the ratio”?  And then you do the little gif of someone eating popcorn?  Yeah that's me.