What the World Was Watching: WWF Prime Time Wrestling – September 10, 1990

Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan are in the studio for tonight’s show.  Monsoon apologizes for being out and thanks Gene Okerlund and Vince McMahon for covering for him.

Opening Contest:  Tugboat (19-0) pins Bob Bradley after a splash off the second rope at 1:59:

The last time these two wrestled Tugboat there was interference by Dino Bravo, so this must be the highly anticipated rematch.  In the split screen, Bravo, along with Earthquake and Jimmy Hart, vows to push Tugboat down into “Davey Jones’ Locker.”  Bradley attacks Tugboat before the bell but makes the mistake of trying a body press off the ropes, which results in him being caught, slammed, and squashed.

Gene Okerlund’s Update segment recaps the growing Dusty Rhodes-Ted DiBiase feud.

The Warlord (w/Slick) (13-0) beats Barry Hardy with the running powerslam at 2:38:

Lord Alfred Hayes puts over the Warlord’s deliberate power work but it does not make for an exciting squash.

Nikolai Volkoff (8-0) beats the Brooklyn Brawler (2-11) after a clothesline to the back of the head at 4:08:

It is not a good sign for Volkoff that he takes a long time to finish off the Brawler, who takes several powders in between Volkoff’s power moves.  However, the Brawler does not mount enough offense to give this a competitive rating.  It was not good, though.

Heenan makes an argument to Monsoon that the Rosati Sisters are related to the Big Bossman’s mother.

The Rockers-Power & Glory match from SummerSlam airs.

Power & Glory (w/Slick) (8-0) defeat Shane Douglas & Dale Paradise when Paul Roma pins Paradise after the Powerplex at 3:08:

The formula of the match is the Power & Glory work over Paradise in the ring and make periodic trips to beat up Douglas on the arena floor.  Roma overshoots the splash on the Powerplex, with his knees crashing into Paradise’s mid-section.  Douglas’ run has been weird so far as he is undefeated in singles competition but is 0-3 in tag matches, where he is getting squashed.

Promo time with Sean Mooney!  The Bushwhackers say that they are doing great in the United States.  Rick Martel says he is missing the WWF Championship from his attire and he is making plans to go after it.

After showing footage of the confrontation between Nikolai Volkoff and Sergeant Slaughter on Wrestling Challenge two weeks ago, Slaughter’s squash of Jim Powers on Wrestling Challenge airs.  Monsoon acts like fans have yet to see Slaughter wrestle.

In a funny bit, Monsoon chastises Heenan for sending him a belated birthday card instead of a “Get Well” card when he was recovering.

The Big Bossman’s squash from Superstars is shown.  Afterwards, Heenan continues to make jokes about the Bossman’s mother and how much she sweats.

Brother Love’s interview with Sensational Sherri, and accompanying Ultimate Warrior appearance, from Superstars airs.

Akeem (w/Slick) (8-4-1) defeats Ron Cumberland after a splash at 1:26:

Akeem is another act that has been AWOL for more than a month, last wrestling on the July 9 episode of Prime Time Wrestling.  He is taken out of mothballs for this squash because he is replacing Bad News Brown on house shows against Jake Roberts.  Akeem drops a lot of elbows and wins quickly with the splash.

Monsoon wonders why Slick has not teamed Akeem and the Warlord, not recognizing that all of that would set the Warlord back because he broke out of the Powers of Pain earlier in the year.  Heenan argues that Akeem looks a lot like the Big Bossman’s mother.

More promos with Mooney!  The Genius puts over how smart he is.  The Legion of Doom tell Demolition that they can explode all over them but it will not have an effect because they are tougher.

Koko B. Ware’s squash from Wrestling Challenge two weeks ago airs.

Monsoon makes a pitch for fans to buy the 1991 WWF calendar.  Heenan flips to the Big Bossman’s picture and talks like a Southern hick, mimicking the Bossman telling his mother to stop eating grits.

Okerlund’s interview with Rick Martel on Wrestling Challenge is shown.

Rhythm & Blues’ squash from Superstars airs.

Jimmy Snuka (12-2) beats Boris Zhukov (4-4) after the Superfly Splash at 8:34:

This is a bout between two guys whose primary purpose in the company is to put over bigger names and it took place in Utica, New York on August 15 as part of the “SummerSlam Fever” taping.  The effort mirrors that as the match features chinlocks galore.  Lord Alfred Hayes and Sean Mooney give up on the match quickly too, preferring to talk about the growing feud between the Big Bossman and Bobby Heenan.  After eight minutes, Snuka escapes a chinlock, knocks Zhukov down with a headbutt off the second rope, and wins clean with the Superfly Splash.  Rating:  ¼*

The Last Word:  It was great to have Gorilla Monsoon back but despite his best efforts with Bobby Heenan this show was a chore to sit through, not helped by a sleepwalked main event.  And there were several production snafus as Monsoon argued that fans have never seen Sergeant Slaughter wrestle and next week they would see the full Rockers-Power & Glory match from SummerSlam even though that match aired in full on this telecast.

Up Next:  WWF Superstars for September 15!