Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 13th December 2021

Happy Monday Everyone!

I know some think the praise for HOOK was a bit OTT over the weekend, but in all seriousness the guy looks like a real prospect for someone so young. It’ll be interesting to see how he develops. Bryan, Vinny and Craig made an interesting comparison between Hook and Dom Mysterio actually, in that they are both sons of wrestlers but AEW will actually protect Hook and not beat him into powder before he actually has a chance to get over, whereas WWE have already made Dom just another guy even with him teaming with his Dad.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Thomas has got reviews of ROH Final Battle and Impact Wrestling. Scott has got another WON Recap coming for us later on. J has got some more Joshi Spotlight, whilst Logan has got some more WWF from 1990

Now some news from Cultaholic

Scarlett and Kross aren’t interested in going back to Impact

Honestly it would seem like a run in Impact would be a good way to rejuvenate their careers, but hey-ho

Ding Dong, Hello!

I think their women’s division could use her right now

Seth Rollins Vs Jinder Mahal from NXT

Have a gooden everyone!