ECW On Sci Fi – July 10, 2007

ECW On Sci Fi
Date: July 10, 2007
Location: New Orleans Arena, New Orleans, Louisiana
Attendance: 2,271
Commentators: Tazz, Joey Styles

We are on the way to the Great American Bash, where Johnny Nitro will defend the ECW World Title against CM Punk. That’s about all that we have going on at the moment, but there is a new detail that is going to chance everything: it’s time for the Miz’s debut, as ECW goes reality. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence, now with a new theme song.

It’s time for Striker’s Classroom, with the Boogeyman as this week’s guest. Striker is going to change tradition a bit this week, because the teacher has a gift for the student: a bowl full of worms! We see Boogeyman worming Striker two weeks ago so Striker explains that worms are hermaphrodites who have laid eggs in Boogeyman’s mouth. Worms are coldblooded, just like what Boogeyman has been doing to Striker! That ends right now though….and here is the former Viscera, now known as Big Daddy V, to slam Boogeyman onto the desk. Boogeyman gets thrown through a chalkboard to wrap it up. Nice debut.

HHH is coming back. I’m sure he’ll make time for ECW.

Elijah Burke vs. Balls Mahoney

Mahoney slugs away to start but Burke punches him down even faster. The headstand elbow out of the corner gets two on Mahoney and we hit the chinlock. Mahoney fights up but misses the New Jersey Jam, setting up the Elijah Express to give Burke the fast pin.

Rating: D+. This was a rehab match for Burke, who has been losing a lot as of late. Sometimes the best thing that you can do for a wrestler is put them in the ring for a quick win like this and let them get back on track. I don’t think Burke has much of a ceiling around here these days, but a win is better than nothing.

Video on Tommy Dreamer.

CM Punk vs. Stevie Richards

Punk strikes away to start and hits a swinging neckbreaker for an early two, followed by a kick to the head. There’s a running legdrop for two and we’re already in the chinlock on Richards. That’s broken up and Richards scores with a few kicks for a near fall of his own. Richards grabs a chinlock to even the score, only to have Punk grab a kneebar.

Richards fights up so Punk suplexes him down into a half crab. That’s broken up as well so Punk hits the running knee in the corner, setting up the bulldog for two. This time it’s Richards back up with a Downward Spiral into a Koji Clutch, but Punk is next to the rope. Back up and Richards tries the tornado DDT, only to get caught in the GTS for the pin.

Rating: C. This was more competitive than I would have bet on and that’s a good thing. It’s nice to have Punk break a sweat in a match like this as there is little benefit to have him in an easy win. Richards is good for a match like this if you need him out there to make someone look better. Nice surprise here.

Extreme Expose is rather pleased to meet the Miz, who they find cute.

Miz vs. Nunzio

Miz takes him to the mat and they exchange some grappling. Nunzio forearms him in the back and kicks him in the ribs, setting up a middle rope dropkick. There’s some choking on the rope and the chinlock goes on to keep Miz in trouble. Nunzio gets caught using the ropes so he switches to a headscissors, which triggers Miz’s comeback. Some running clotheslines set up a middle rope clothesline for two on Nunzio, followed by the Mizard of Oz for the pin.

Rating: C-. Miz was wrestling more like a face here and that’s a weird thing to see after everything else he has done so far. He’s another case where you need to get the fresh blood on the show and this is as good of a place as any. Let him get some reps in here and see what you can get out of him, as Miz certainly has the intangibles.

Extreme Expose.

We look back at Big Daddy V destroying Boogeyman.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Johnny Nitro

Non-title and Extreme Rules so Dreamer brings out the weapons. Nitro spends a bit too much time posing on the floor so Dreamer goes after him to start the beating. The brawl actually goes to Nitro, who gets rid of all of the weapons save for a crutch. Dreamer takes that away though and starts going after Nitro’s leg. The Cloverleaf keeps up the pain until Dreamer lets go and gets sent into the post. Nitro breaks the crutch over Dreamer’s arm and starts kicking away until a fall away slam cuts him off.

A slingshot dropkick puts Dreamer on the floor, where Nitro wraps a chair around his neck and sends it into the post. The corkscrew moonsault off the barricade gets two, because Extreme Rules now means falls count anywhere. Back in and Dreamer crotches him on top, setting up a few trashcan lid shots to the head. Dreamer goes up top but gets pulled down onto the lid, but he’s fine enough to catch Nitro on top. Nitro gets put in a trashcan for the running Tree of Woe dropkick. Dreamer is back up but Nitro drop toeholds him face first into an open chair for the fast pin.

Rating: C. This was about what you would expect, as Nitro gets some more momentum. It means a bit more to beat Dreamer in the violent match as that’s about all Dreamer is known for, so at least they’re getting the concept right. It’s still a bit hard to take Nitro seriously as the champion of the show, but they’re trying to make him seem above everyone else.

Overall Rating: C-. They are certainly trying to bring up a new generation as of late and it is only working out so well so far. Granted that’s kind of the point of an introductory period, as you have to get used to having these guys around. It was a totally watchable show, but you can tell that there is a lot less attention and effort from WWE than you would get on the major shows. Not a great show, but they’re working through a tricky period at the moment.



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