Original Plans for Heel Sgt. Slaughter

We all pretty much know the whole song and dance about Sgt. Slaughter around the end of 1990 and throughout the majority of 1991, where the WWF turned him into an Iraqi sympathizer and paired him with General Adnan in an attempt to score the HEATZ(!) with Operation
Desert Storm, but I remain curious about Slaughter's original return where he set his sights on “that happy young man”, Nikolai Volkoff.  He took umbrage
to how quickly the fans forgave him for years of demanding they remained silent and respected the Soviet
National Anthem, even though he rarely got to sing it in full, and other generic Soviet shenanigans just because Nikolai got tired of a partner who always lost.

Based on what I've looked at, I always felt that the concept of a nationalistic American would have been quite fascinating to explore, but the idea of a heel who was a villain
because he was American and hated everything and everyone that was not American likely hit way too close to home for everyone at Titan Towers.  Not to mention, that type of political discourse was way too mature for a company who were about to embark
on a man seeking revenge on an entire stable because one guy said mean things about his mother that we would never once see (and ultimately fail at said mission).

So, assuming the Gulf War never happened or never reached that point of escalation, do you think the original plan was for Slaughter to be a xenophobic, far-right American, or was the idea always just for him to be Generic Foreign Villain #4952105?

The idea of the anti-lib super-patriot was always the one that I had heard.  He would have settled nicely into the midcard heel role that way, I think.