Sold Out!

Wow, the CM Punk Vs Miz debate really broke the blog. Let's see if this one will really be a little more peaceful. Is anyone gonna talk about that Tony Khan is most likely buying up large amounts of tickets to shows to make tickets sales look better than they are? I mean I think even Vince would of blushed last night trying to promote that there was 10,000 people there at USB. The hard camera side was empty as well as the 300 level. Tons of people posted pics and videos showing large sections of empty seats on the TV side too. I know it's fun to poke WWE for inflating numbers and sweetening the audio, how does Tony manage to get by without anyone saying anything?

It's funny, not one of the hacks from wrestling twitter mentioned it at all. If Vince farts too loudly there are 10 stories about it. I didn't see the wrestletix guy post pictures either like he does for WWE shows when they have empty seats. And this is not just a case of scalpers buying tickets and getting screwed so they have to sell floor seats for $30 day of, or end up giving them away for free before the show like they did for the Chicago “sell out”. Because at least the stands would of been full if that was the case. It just seems Tony is buying large numbers and not even giving them away. 

I get AEW has a lot more goodwill than WWE for many reasons right now. But the only way AEW is gonna improve is if they get called out on on their shady practices like WWE does. Instead wrestling media just ignores these things because they like having Tony on their shows weekly and all they access they get to their wrestlers. Obviously TK has proven to be thinned skin, I mean could you imagine seeing Vince responds to nobodies on Twitter like Tony does? So they are very careful with their criticisms of him. But at some point they got to keep him honest right?

Glad you’re still around to bring the heat while I’m taking a mental health break for a few days.