NXT has fallen beneath the Law & Order line


NXT's ratings have now fallen below what Law & Order re-runs do for USA, as well as what some random movies do.

Three questions

1) When/if does USA pull the plug? Even if NXT is dirt cheap, Law & Order re-runs are cheaper. 

2) How much better does HHH look now? He was pulling better ratings on the same night as AEW. They moved it away from AEW, totally overhauled it into the Vince style, and it's now dying a painful death. 

3) What does WWE do? I think they need to move it back to the Network/Peacock and shorten the weekly show to one hour. It's obvious it's mostly WWE fans watching it, and they're already asked to watch 5 hours of main roster TV every week. 

They should 100% move it back to the Network as a one hour show.  No question.