Is the blog of doom okay to visit now?

Hey Scott, 

Longtime daily reader of the BOD. I am sorry you are dealing with this ongoing hack bs…

Is it safe to use the site at the moment? I seem to keep getting those “security concerns” and “are you a robot” pop-up spam ads whenever I go to the 

Just wanted to let you know that there seem to be some issues with the blog. Thanks for EVERYTHING over the years and I hope you get this all fixed soon. 

Patrick AKA Pat James 
For those wondering what exactly happened, apparently there was a large scale security breach of many WordPress sites this week based on an obscure security hole that someone learned to exploit via specific website plugins.  One of the plugins was called Quick Adsense, which was a program I used months ago to set up ad placements and then removed.  However, it left code that corrupted the actual database behind the blog, and activated on Tuesday night 90 minutes into NXT.  So what it did was essentially create a new user that kept making fake ad blocks on the site in various places, and each of those blocks had a malicious java script that hijacks the browser and sends you to a spam site.   And when you delete one block, the database was programmed to just make a new one elsewhere.  So I’ve spent the past three days frantically deleting every bit of scripts as they generate, while my web host dug through the actual code of the blog looking for the code that kept creating those scripts.  And they don’t work for free.  
But after several hundred dollars spent and many many lines of code deleted, we have both purged all the malware and deleted the original code causing the problem.  So yes, the blog is once again safe to visit.  Thank you all for your patience and continued support.  This blog has been my passion for many years and will continue to be such for many more.