Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 10th December 2021

Happy Friday Everyone!

Welcome back from the Hackopalypse

I got Whammed yesterday, so I’m out of the running just 9 days in. Good luck to you if you’re still playing

Scheduled on the Blog: J.W. has got some more classic wrestling mag antics for us. Logan has some more WWF from 1990. I think Scott will be lighting the fuse on a Dynamite review

News from Cultaholic

Gangrel will be getting an NWA Title shot

For a while during the Attitude Era he was legit my favourite wrestler. He’s also an Evertonian. So basically, win the chuffing belt Dave!

NXT 2.0’s demo ratings hit a record 2.low

Oh ho, we do like to have fun here don’t we?

Jeff Hardy released from WWE. Lot of wrestling Evertonians in the news today. Expect a news story about Bryan Danielson, Spud or Robbie Brookside post-haste I guess. On a serious note, all the best to Jeff and hopefully he can get back on track. Dealing with personal demons is a lifetime struggle

Until next time, Belt The Vampire!

Have a gooden everyone!