More Hogan/Koloff what-ifs

I originally posted this as a comment on the Bash 85 review, but I thought it would be good as an open discussion topic instead.

Every now and then, I invent a timeline in my head about how a Hogan/Nikita feud would go. Here is what I settle on:

-Late 85: we get a few weeks of introductory vignettes of Nikita looking scary and cutting Dirty Commie promos. He debuts and murders jobbers and undercard faces left and right.

-Feb. 86: Nikita attacks Hogan on, say, Piper's Pit and sends him out on a stretcher, proclaiming this as proof of Soviet superiority.

-Hogan/Koloff is announced for WM2. During the build-up, Nikita continues running roughshod over every jobber and babyface in sight, looking invincible. Hogan is sold as “America's last hope.”

-WM2: the houses (plural assuming they still do the “three arenas” gimmick) are sold out and the closed-circuit and PPV numbers are huge. Hogan successfully defends his title and America's honor.

-Summmer 86: they run rematches around the horn all through the summer, making several more dump trucks full of money in the process. They then do a final blowoff on SNME to tie a ribbon on it.

-If he still has heel heat, Nikita moves down the card and headlines B shows. This leads to a featured undercard match at WMIII where he puts over a popular babyface for one last big payday and goes back to Crockett significantly richer.

Sound plausible? Koloff should have jumped.  We very possibly don't get the Orndorff turn and feud if this happens, however.

He should have jumped.  Vince would have loved and protected him for years.   Plus it’s an easy gimmick to reheat whenever you need.