Mandy Rose/Johnny Gargano

While it's nice to see Grayson Waller get pushed and all, would it not have made more sense to have Mandy Rose and Toxic Attraction be the ones who beat the crap out of Johnny Gargano and (potentially) send him on his way out of the company?

Mandy delivering the beatdown would serve multiple fronts storyline-wise.

1. Establish Mandy and Toxic Attraction as the new “face” of NXT 2.0 (which they've been doing a LOT since the rebrand but this would solidify Mandy as the face of NXT)

2. Give Candice a storyline when she comes back from maternity leave (avenging Johnny) along with Indie something to do as well, especially in the event Candice doesn't come back

3. Elevates Toxic Attraction as a viable force opposite Grayson, Hayes, Breaker, D'Angelo and the Black/Gold (LA Knight, Ciampra, Dexter/Indie and Dunne) as far as turning it into a three way fight for the future of NXT with Mandy as a major player with an agenda and makes the women of NXT playing a major role in the future of the company instead of an afterthought to what the guys are doing and them playing off the Ciampa/Waller groups as a viable threat that both sides must face as far as a proper three way war.

4. Gives Joe Gacy's entire character something to do as his push for inclusiveness causes NXT to embrace intergender matches (something the indies have been doing for quite a while these days) as Mandy and her crew align with Gacy, because Toxic Attraction wants to prove to 2.0 and Black and Gold that they are superior to them and should be the face of NXT and them using Gacy to get the ban on male/female matches lifted so Mandy and her crew can legally beat Ciampra, Waller, etc and show their superiority in the ring. 

So you want Toxic Attraction pushed HARDER?  Bold move Cotton, we’ll see if it pays off.